Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sunny day with a Bolex

Sunny day with a Bolex :D

First time shooting with the Clockwork Bolex. 1st impressions are that using it handheld is hard, but will hopefully give a really cool first person look to our short project. I tried to build my shoulder rig around it but the body of the Bolex weights so much and the thread sizes are different, but i think next time i would i like to spend more time setting that up.

Also as its clockwork you only have approx 21 seconds per wind, so takes have got to be quick. Apart from that we didn't really have any problems, just making sure you set up the light meter correctly etc. as you can only a 3rd of the light through the viewfinder, the two 3rd's goes to the shutter.

Should get the rushes back first week of may so it will be interesting to see what we get out of the camera. Crossing my fingers it works.

Enjoy the sunny weather.

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